The last flight of Concorde

Whenever an aeroplane is suspended, it is replaced by a better, more economic of faster type. This was not the case with Concorde.
October 24th 2003 the last commercial flights of Concorde took place. So the last flight with paying passengers. There were too little passengers willing to pay for an expensive ticket from London or Paris to New York. Costs for maintenance were too high and so it was not economically justified to continue services.
Air France halted Concorde services in June 2003.
What a pity....
Plans to keep the Concordes in Britain airworthy are not an option anymore. Costs for bringing the Concordes back to flying condition are enormous. So the only place to see one is a museum. Various museums in Britain are in the possession of a Concorde. Near Paris you can see two in the Le Bourget museum.

Below you see photos on the Yahoo press photo website (Reuters, AP, etc.) with the last take offs from Heathrow near London and JFK near New York. Shortly after each other, around 5 p.m. in the afternoon, they arrived at Heatrow and received a great reception which was broadcast live on the BBC television.
Quite rightly!
Concord perhaps is the finest (and technologically most complicated) passenger airliner ever built.