(This is the first OSM website; see below. )

This Comenius project between seven European primary- and secundary schools in seven European countries basicly has two objectives:

1 Experience in teaching pupils to create a digital content from local heritage and other features and an online sharing of results with the partners and all who are interested.

2 Establishing a collaborative network of schools, demonstrating that in spite of many differences, we all have similar aspirations and a common future.

Limited areas of one square mile will be investigated by the pupils of the participating schools. The subjects ( e.g. history, cultural heritage, nature, celebrations, music and geography, etc.) are equal in all situations and the results will be visible at this website to enable visitors to make a comparison between the subjects.

On this site you can experience the way we live, sing, celebrate, work, learn and much more. The contributions of all schools are written in the native language and in English.

All participating schools are individually presented and you also will learn how the pupils made the contributions.
You can reach the presentations by clicking the  Compare button on the left.

We hope you will enjoy this exploratory expedition through Europe!

The Our Square Mile schools

New website (after the Dutch school dropped out): http://www.ejournal.fi/osm/ 




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